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 Server Rules! MUST READ!

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PostSubject: Server Rules! MUST READ!   Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:03 pm

Disclaimer: Before accessing any ReMorseWoW-Provided server, we, the administration team, believe that you, the end user, have read and comprehend the following rules. Thus, if you do not adhere by these rules, you, the end user, will be placed at immediate fault.

1. No Swearing nor Abusive Behavior toward Anyone.
Harassment will not be tolerated on any ReMorseWoW server, nor on the forums. When caught you will be severely punished or possibly banned, depending on the degree of harassment.

2. No begging (for levels, items, or gold).
Do not beg a Game Master, Donator, or any other ReMorseWoW member for gold, items, or levels.
This is a fun server, and the rates of experience, items, and gold are greatly increased. You are expected to acquire your own character's needs.

3. No scandalous Player vs Player behavior.
Although Player Killing is allowed, neither corpse camping nor ganking are supported. If you choose to attack a player, said player must be able to defend themself.
Do not pester lower level characters; they are trying to have fun on the server, and ill-aimed behavior toward them is not condoned.
Scandalous Player vs Player behavior falls under the Harassment policy, and the ultimate penalty is a ban from all ReMorseWoW servers and forums.

4. No hacks.
Using any form of hacks on ReMorseWoW is strictly illegal. We have logs, hack-sniffers and more active, and when caught we will show no mercy. Using 3dparty programs online is a hack, therefore keycloning is also not allowed on ReMorseWoW.
Using hacks is a very serious crime in ReMorseWoW. If you choose to violate the rules and use hacks, you have no place on our servers and forums. You will be banned immediately when caught.

5. No exploiting bugs (of any kind).
Exploiting bugs, such as using various speed glitches, causes lag to the server.
Exploting these glitches will be treated as using a hack; don't do it. When caught, you will be punished - if you caused a server crash, you will be banned.
The administration wants the server to be as pleasurable as possible to the members. Exploiting bugs destroys the fun for other players.
If you find an exploit, report it to a Game Master immediately - you may be rewarded

Note: Mount stacking (using a speed glitch while mounted) is exploiting a bug. You are not allowed to use Dash, Aspect of the Cheetah, Aspect of the Pack, nor any other speed-increasing buff while mounted. The only speed modifiers permitted while mounted are the following:
Carrot on a Stick
Mithril Spurs
Enchant Gloves - Riding Skill
Riding Crop

6. Respect Game Masters.
Regardless of where they are from, what race, ethnicity, or sexuality a Game Master has, they are working for the benefit of ReMorseWoW, and demand respect.
Harassing a Game Master, or providing any form of disrespect to them, will be punished as harassment.
Game Masters do all in their power to make sure that ReMorseWoW provides pleasure to the end users. They deserve respect; show them it!

Failure to follow the rules mentioned above may include, but is not limited to:
Level decrease - any amount the Game Master sees suiting for the crime.
Inventory Bomb - all of your items, equipment, and gold are destroyed.
Character Deletion - your character is deleted.
Account Deletion - all characters on your account are deleted.
Permanent Ban from the server.

These rules are subject to change at any time. Be sure to update yourself frequently as you might miss out on very important information.
We thank you for taking the time to read our rules and wish you to enjoy your stay here in ReMorseWoW.
Rule-abiding players are always welcome; invite your friends! We strive to make this the best gaming experience possible!
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Server Rules! MUST READ!
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