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 GameMaster Rules

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PostSubject: GameMaster Rules   Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:14 am

Alright. Greeting's to the whole community of Remorse WoW - I will be posting GameMaster rules for our fellow GameMaster's to follow. If they decide to not follow them and disrespect them, they will be issued with a kick from the team or a warning.

1. GM's are NOT allowed to give players any gold/items/spells/skills, even if it involves items for a quest completion.

2. Donation Items are for Donators ONLY. If a GameMaster has Donation gear on their character, it will be removed, if you continue to add it, your GM status will be lost. If you would like Donation gear, then donate. It's simple!

3. GM's must NOT run players through raids/instances, if this happenes all items gained from the run will be removed from the player and the GM's account will be suspended.

4. GM's must NOT abuse their powers, this mean's killing players/npc's/staff or adding items to gain a better advantage in gameplay. - You must have permission to spawn an NPC from an Administrator. The logs will be checked daily, if you abuse it, you loose it.

5. ALL GM's must show respect to the players, when GM's show respect to you, you should be polite if they speak to you, this includes tickets/communication to a GM, please make sure you use good spelling and grammar and to answer every question they give you.

6. You can only have 1 GM character. You must not have alts on the GM account as you have a non gm account for that. As I have stated, you will not recieve anything from a GM. You must use it as a normal player account so there is no unfair advantage.

7. If you a problem with the GM rules, then why are you here? - We have rules for a reason.

8. GM's must NOT spawn any object/npc anywhere without an administrator. I say this again to make sure you understand because if you spawn anything without permission. I will remove you from the GM team.

9. You must help players instead of fooling around with players, if there are tickets, answer them in great detail rather than giving them pointless answers. It may be best to summon them to an area to speak to them.

10. Now that you have read the GameMaster rules, I hope you understand it's a big responsability for you to have GM, it's not there for show, it's there because you wish to put your time/effort into the server. You need to show hard work and respect.

11. GM's must not boss any other GM around or an Administrator, if a GM is doing something they should not be doing, you must report them to myself or the owner.

Breaking the rules will not be tolerated, if you are to do so your GM account will be locked and suspended untill an Administrator speaks to you and then will give a decision on what will happen. In this case it's me. GameMaster's will not deal with voting issues/donations. You will need to make a ticket for an Administrator to see this. I hope you understand.

Thank you.

Server Administrator
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GameMaster Rules
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